20 Week Pregnancy Update

Today I turned 20 weeks pregnant! Wow half way already, I can hardly believe it. This post is about the past two weeks.


Baby is wriggling and kicking and I can feel it! Its so excited and makes it feel so so real. They’ve got stronger and stronger over the past couple of weeks. I’m feeling them very low down on the right side at the moment but despite trying, Tom is not yet able to feel them. At 19 weeks baby was the size of a banana or a game boy!


Still sick about once a week and the odd headache too. Heartburn has made an appearance on the odd occasion, I’ve never had it before and its not fun is it! The worst thing this fortnight has been the pelvic and back pain. We did 22000 steps last Wednesday and my lower back has been super sore ever since, oops! Feeling the baby kick makes it all worth it though.

Diet, Exercise and Weight Gain

We’ve been away so I haven’t been swimming over the last week but we have done lots of walking (sorry back and pelvis!). Also lots of eating out too though… My total pregnancy weight gain is now 5.5lbs (no idea if that’s good or bad really?!?).

Bump and Clothes

I definately think my bump has grown over the past two weeks, I cant wait for someone I don’t know to ask when I’m due haha. I’ve bought one new maternity top from H&M, just a simple striped t-shirt, as nothing non-maternity is fitting me now at all. Even my pyjamas are starting to be uncomfortable.

How I’m Feeling

Nervous and excited about our 20 week scan TOMORROW! Really looking forward to seeing baby again but worrying about everything being ok. Feeling little kicks is making it all seem more real and getting me excited for this baby’s arrival. I’m sure if everything is ok at the scan I’m just going to get more and more excited and maybe we’ll actually buy a few baby things soon. Eeek!


No more appointments over the past couple of weeks but I now have an appointment for physio, but unfortunately not until the 11th October wahhhh. I’m worried about how I’ll cope with my pelvic and back pain as I get bigger and when I’m back at work after the summer holidays.

Tomorrow is a big appointment with the 20 week scan, we don’t plan on finding out the gender. I don’t feel at all tempted but I wonder if we will when the option is right there in front of us!

I’ll be updating again at 22 weeks, with news from my 20 week scan!

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Thanks for popping by,

Kimberley x

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