22 Week Pregnancy Update

Today I turned 22 weeks pregnant! The last two weeks have been busy with a long weekend in Norfolk, a couple of days away with my sister, a day out with my cousin and now Tom and I are away in Cumbria. This is one well travelled bump!


At 21 weeks baby weighed around 120z and was the size of a carrot. They are continuing to develop their nervous system and sense of touch and well as forming their inner ear which will help with balance! Its crazy to think these things are happening in miniature, too cute. I’m feeling movements around three times a day now, first thing in the morning, after lunch and in the evening. If I get up for a wee in the night I can feel baby wriggling around then too. I wouldn’t say the movements have got any stronger this fortnight and I’m still feeling most of them low down, although I have felt the odd wriggle more centrally and higher up too.


I’ve only been sick once this fortnight which is nice. I’ve had a few minor bouts of heartburn again but its still manageable and I’ve managed to avoid taking anything for it yet. I went into work last Friday so start setting up my classroom and that evening and the next day my pelvic pain returned with a vengeance. My back has been achey on and off too. We’re away in Cumbria at the moment and I’m feeling very slow on my feet, hills are very difficult too. Tom says he feels like we’re limping from one meal to the next ha! My bump gets a little achey sometimes, I think maybe when its growing, and I feel like I need to hold it on! Some days I’ve felt super tired but I think its because I’ve been so busy with a few days away with my sister, a day out with my cousin and now being away with Tom.

Diet, Exercise and Weight Gain

Same as last fortnight really, lots of walking but lots of eating out too! When I stepped on the scales before we came away my weight gain was still 5.5lbs so far this pregnancy.

Bump and Clothes

I am so in love with this bump of mine, I’m a little bit obsessed with it. I find I like to be touching it at all times! I’ve been wearing the same few maternity items really, I now have enough to last me a week. Every time I get back from staying with friends or family or going away for a few days I have to have a mad washing and drying sessions to turn around the few items that actually fit in time to go away again! It seems silly to buy anymore casual clothes though as when I’m back at work they’ll only see the light of day at weekends. I’m also loving my new maternity PJs from ASOS. I hadn’t expected to grow out of my pyjamas but I did! They have a button down detail on the shoulders for breastfeeding (if they last me til the baby arrives as I’m sure I’ll be wearing them a lot in the next few months!).

Baby now also has some clothes! I bought the first few baby bits this week now we’ve had our 20 week scan.

How I’m Feeling

Just really happy to be pregnant and very content. I have the odd moment of feeling impatient for baby to be here but I know they have a lot more growing to do before they’re ready to make their appearance! I am a little nervous about going back to work and how I’ll cope with pelvic/back pain and tiredness but I’m putting it at the back of my mind to enjoy the last week of the holidays.


Our 20 Week Scan! Which you can read more about here. Everything went well and baby is growing nicely. I wasn’t at all tempted to find out the gender!

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Thanks for popping by,

Kimberley x

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