24 Week Pregnancy Update

Today I turned 24 weeks pregnant! I’ve been back to work the past two weeks and it was definitely easy being pregnant in the holidays than it is at school. This post is about the past two weeks…


I think the most exciting milestone for baby this week is that they are now considered medically viable – please stay put for another 16ish weeks though little one! Baby is a whole foot long now and around the size of an Atlantic Puffin apparently! Baby’s lungs have developed a little more over the past two weeks and their face is just as it will be when they’re born, apart from filling out with some more fat over the next 16 weeks.

Baby is moving a lot more now with some episodes of really strong kicks! I still feel them strongest lower down but I’m starting to feel movement up to around my belly button now too. Tom finally felt baby move the other day and couldn’t believe how strong they are. I think I even saw some movement from the outside the other night.


Being back at work has made me feel very tired and by the end of last week I had swollen ankles too! My back and pelvis are achy at the end of a long day and are very sore during the night. I have to get up for a wee every single night now and earlier this week I had my first leg cramp which saw me jump out of bed (well as much as an achy pregnant lady wrapped in a pregnancy pillow can jump!) at 5am to pace the landing until it passes. I haven’t been sick at all this fortnight and I hope I’m not jinxing it by saying that! The heartburn hasn’t been too bad either which is a nice relief for a while.

I had my first birth dream last night and it wasn’t very nice! No one was listening to me or what I wanted, I felt rushed and they couldn’t be bothered to fill up the pool! At one point two other couples were telling me to hurry up because they wanted my room. I think I need to get on the hypno-birthing! Any recommendations?

Diet, Exercise and Weight Gain

Since being back at work I’ve been eating in more of a normal routine and cooking more from scratch again. I’d planned to get back to swimming but haven’t been organised enough yet, although setting up my classroom and keeping up with 30 4-year olds has definitely kept me busy and active. We’re renovating our bedroom at the moment and I’ve managed to lose my scales in the process so I’m not sure what my current weight gain is.

Bump and Clothes

I’m sure my bump has been growing again as I noticed at the weekend that my belly button is looking very shallow so it maybe on its way out! I also saw that just one half of my bump is hairy! Just really fine, fair fuzzy hair but how strange for it to only be on one side! Its the right side of my bump and apparently my placenta is on the left so I wonder if that has anything to do with it.

I’ve found dressing my bump for work a little tricky. I have some maternity work trousers which are prefect but I thought all of my baggier work tops would still fit over my bump but they just don’t!

How I’m Feeling

Along with all the lovely movements comes the anxiety around keeping track of them. Sometimes I feel a little overwhelmed and it seems like just a bit responsibility to know if baby’s movements are normal. When I’m busy at work all day and on my feet I don’t always notice baby moving. I feel like I don’t quite know what is normal for us yet so am a little worried about missing some reduced movements and picking up on a problem. Is it normal to feel like this?

Meeting our new baby niece at the weekend made me broodier than ever and super excited to meet our own new arrival!

I’ve also been feeling the urge to nest but since we’re still living in a building site there isn’t much I can do about it! I’m in the process of vacuum packing all of the clothes that don’t fit to though to clear a little more space!


On Monday I had my whooping cough vaccine and while I was there she offered me the flu jab as they had just arrived at the surgery. I decided to have both there and then to save me going back but it wasn’t my brightest idea and I ended up with two achy arms which made sleeping on my side even trickier! Other than two very sore arms which I cant lift above my head, I’m feeling fine, maybe just a little tired. Fingers crossed it stays that way!

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Thanks for popping by,

Kimberley x

6 thoughts on “24 Week Pregnancy Update

  1. I remember this stage when dressing the bump was really hard. I used the extender belts for ages. Maternity clothes were never freely available in the shops either but I think that may have got better over the last couple of years. I hope your pregnancy goes smoothly. l and you enjoy it. #sharingthebloglove

  2. Reaching that ‘viable’ mark is a real milestone! And having your partner feel the kicks for the first time is so special – you see it suddenly start to feel real for them! I remember the anxiety over tracking the movement really well – I used the Kicks Count app to track it all and it helped me to spot the patterns (my son would have loads of movement in one go, and then be really quiet for a long time, which always had me worried). We did go into the hospital once when I was concerned and they couldn’t have been more supportive – if you’re ever at all worried, don’t worry at all about ringing up and going in. I hope the next 16 weeks fly by for you. Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  3. Aww this brings back so many memories. I also had awful cramp and some weird dreams! I didn’t do hypno-birthing but I tried pregnancy yoga instead which worked wonders. I didn’t really think it would help whilst I was doing it but it’s amazing how much just knowing how to breathe can help in labour! Well it did for me anyway. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy! #SharingTheBlogLove

  4. Aww 24 weeks is very special but yes it’s also when you start to feel the strain too! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy. It’s totally normal to feel like this about the movements. If in doubt phone up the maternity unit for advice, never delay. It is hard to keep track especially when you’ve had a busy day but if you ever have a feeling that something isn’t right or you’re just not happy then go and get checked out x

  5. Ah I’m now 25 weeks so we must be due similar times! So I can relate to this so much. I’m aching a bit and up twice a night at least, some times three times. Such a pain! But the kicks are wonderful. And mine are getting strong too! Hope it goes well for the rest of your pregnancy #SharingtheBlogLove

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