26 Week Pregnancy Update

Today I turned 26 weeks pregnant! Here is a little update on the past fortnight…


Baby is wriggling away with a little more of a routine and movements can definately be seen and felt from the outside now. They have a hair colour now which is pretty cute to think about. I found a baby photo of me at the weekend that got me wondering what our little one will look like. Baby is pilling on the fat now and is apparently the size of a bowling pin, butternut squash or a courgette and weighs a whole 2lbs! They are starting to open their eyes too!


I’ve still been feeling very tired and not sleeping very well hasn’t helped! I’ve been quite restless at night and having vivid dreams too. I honesty don’t know what I’d do without my pregnancy pillow! My pelvis aches in the evening but thankfully hasn’t been too bad during the day.

I’m about a month into not being sick but I have felt a little sick on a couple of mornings. I’ve been having mild heartburn on and off too, until Sunday night where it was horrendous and stopped me getting to sleep and then woke me up several times throughout the night too.

Diet, Exercise and Weight Gain

I still haven’t located my scales but I weighed myself at my Grandparents’ house at the weekend and I think I have gained just over a stone now. After gaining very little for so long I do feel a little disappointed with this. I have started to feel a bit ‘fat’ over the past couple of weeks, after being confident and happy with my changing body up to now. The return of my sweet tooth and being back to work has certainly not helped.

I definately don’t intend to put myself on a diet but I will try to be more conscious about what I’m eating for both mine and the baby’s sake! I had weight to lose pre-pregnancy and don’t want to be setting myself up for a mammoth post-partum weight loss challenge!

This week I want to order myself a maternity swimming costume and try to get back into swimming at least once a week. Any recommendations for good and reasonably priced maternity swim wear?

Bump and Clothes

I’m still very much loving this bump of mine and there’s certainly no hiding it (not that I’d want to!). Even clothes that a few weeks ago made it hard to tell if I was fat or pregnant show off my bump now. I wore a maternity dress to work for the first time the other day and got so many compliments. It did make me wonder if I usually look awful at work though!

At the weekend we went out for an early birthday dinner for my sister and I enjoyed getting slightly more dressed up than usual, although I was still in trainers and jeans! I made the most of having a willing photographer too and my sister took lots of outfit photos in my parents’ garden.

How I’m Feeling

Other than feeling a bit fat and a very tired, I’m feeling pretty good at the moment. After mentioning that I felt a little anxious about being responsible for tracking baby’s movements in my last update, I’ve downloaded the Kicks Count app and its helping to put my mind at ease.

I went pram browsing with my Mum and sister and the weekend and it got me very excited, I love the Bugaboo Bee and its fits in the boot of my Fiat 500. Tom doesn’t love the price though so I’m trying to convince him and look out for a bargain too! Any good deals send them my way please.

I’ve still been feeling the nesting urge but did a few things around the house last weekend which made me feel a little better about living in a building site!


I had my 25 week midwife appointment last week (a few days early) and everything was good. Listening to baby’s heartbeat again was really lovely. I’m back again in just over two weeks for my Anti-D injection and some blood tests.

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Thanks for popping by,

Kimberley x

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