28 Week Pregnancy Update

Today I turned 28 weeks pregnant. Hello third trimester! Here is a little update on the past fortnight…


Baby is now measuring around 40cm, which seems huge to me, and weighing 2.5lbs. Size comparisons include a coconut, aubergine or a rollerblade. They’re starting to lose their wrinkles as they gain more fat and are going through sleep cycles that include dreaming, cute!


There aren’t really any new pregnancy symptoms to report this fortnight. I woke up at the weekend full of cold and feeling pretty rubbish. Normally I’d survive a cold by taking Beechams every 4 hours but obviously can’t do that now so honey and lemon is having to do. I’m starting to feel a little bit sick in the mornings again and am also very tired, but its hard to tell if these are new third trimester symptoms or just side-effects of this horrible cold.

Diet, Exercise and Weight Gain

I still haven’t bought myself a maternity swimming costume, despite my best efforts. All the ones I’ve found seem to be super expensive or designed for lounging by a pool and not actually for swimming! Scales are still missing too so no idea about weight gain either. I’m going to have a last attempt at finding a swimming costume this week and as soon as this cold has passed I think I might try a third trimester workout or pregnancy yoga using YouTube.

Bump and Clothes

Sometimes I see my reflection in a mirror and my bump really takes me by surprise. I feel like I look huge! A few other people have said my bump seems big but after a visit to the midwife I know I’m measuring spot on. Maybe being a little on the short side makes me seem bigger as there is less room between my pelvis and ribs so a lot more bump going outwards!

My only new clothing purchases are some maternity tracksuit bottoms, a jumper for when it gets colder (even though I seem to be too hot all of the time!) and a maternity Christmas top… too soon I know but I was worried I wouldn’t find one and when I saw one I loved I just had to order it!

How I’m Feeling

I still have times where I feel quite overwhelmed by how unprepared we are for this baby in terms of buying things and having the house ready. I’m going to take the time to sit down and write some lists at the weekend as I’m sure once everything is on paper and not just in my head it will seem more manageable. A friend came with me to try some car seats in my car on Monday and we didn’t have much luck finding something you could put into the back of a Fiat 500, so this made me a bit more stressed and I’ve been dreaming about car seats since! Maybe me and Tom need to go browsing at the weekend to make some final pram and car seat decisions. Is it normal to have purchased nothing for the baby other than two sleep suits by this point?!?


I had an unexpected appointment a couple of weeks ago when I was worried about baby’s movements so went to the hospital to get checked out, but thankfully everything was fine.

I has my 28 week appointment with my midwife on Monday for my anti-D injection and some blood tests. She listening to baby’s heartbeat and measured my bump, and everything was good.

This morning I’m off to my first physio appointment for hip pain. The referral was made in July when I went to see the GP and its taken until now to be seen!

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