30 Week Pregnancy Update

Today I turned 30 weeks pregnant. 30 weeks feels like quite a lot! But 10 weeks to go also feels like a long time to wait, although not all that long to get organised… so basically I can’t decide if its feels like a long time or short time to go! Here is a little update on the past fortnight…


Baby is now the size of a cucumber or cabbage (I’m not sure these comparison vegetables get bigger each week…) and weighs around 3lbs. They can open, close and blink their eyes and when they’re sleeping its possible that they’re dreaming too, cute! Baby is moving is diaphragm to practise for breathing.


The main symptom to report this fortnight is that I seem to be too hot all of the time! The radiators in my classroom have been stuck on for a couple of weeks which really doesn’t help but thankfully they were disconnected yesterday. The engineer asked if I was sure I didn’t want one left one but I was adamant! I’m not sure how me and Tom are going to live together over this winter as he keeps putting the heating on in the evenings and I feel like I’m actually going to melt.

I have had a couple of nights if terrible heartburn that have seen me sitting up in bed and reading for a couple of hours in the middle of the night waiting for it to pass. Maybe its time I gave in and bought some Gaviscon and not rely on Love Hearts and Refreshers… The cold I mentioned in my last update is still plaguing me, I just cant seem to shift it.

Diet, Exercise and Weight Gain

No exercise and too many staff room treats this fortnight and I think its showing on my face!

Bump and Clothes

I officially can’t see my feet anymore! There are still some days when my bump feels stretched and tight and then a few days later I feel like its caught up with the baby’s growth again and doesn’t feel quite so uncomfortable. Baby definately spent a few days last week sitting very low down which was painful for a while until it moved again.

My maternity Christmas jumper got an early outing yesterday when we took our staff Christmas photo for the school calendar. I just love this jumper from JoJo Maman Bebe and feel it will get a lot of wear from mid-November onwards!

How I’m Feeling

I’m feeling a lot more prepared after getting myself a notebook and writing some lists. I have lists of things to buy, things to do, baby’s hospital bag and my hospital bag and although there are barely any ticks alongside the items in those lists it feels good to not be holding it all in my head now. We did order our pushchair and car seat at the weekend which is oh so exciting. When they are actually here in our house I think it will start to feel much more real.

I have been very tired this fortnight, an extra day and work and this lingering cold haven’t helped I’m sure. So I’m very ready for half term which thankfully starts TOMORROW!

We have our first NCT antenatal class this evening and I’m feeling a little nervous about that…


I had a physio appointment on the day of my last update which wasn’t particularly helpful if I’m honest! My next midwife appointment is a week on Monday.

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Thanks for popping by,

Kimberley x

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