Emma’s Diary Pregnancy Freebies

I found out about Emma’s Diary pregnancy packs completely by chance but ever since picking up my packs I’ve been telling all of my pregnant friends about them! Well actually my non-pregnant friends too, you know, for future reference! So I thought I’d share the contents here and suggest you go and get them!

Who doesn’t love a freebie and obviously having a baby will be very expensive so every little helps! I registered online here which was really simple and printed off all three vouchers at the same time. Each pack is designed for a different stage of pregnancy but it let me download all three vouchers at the same time so I decided to pick all three up while I remembered! Although we don’t have much storage space at the moment…

I was really impressed with the packs and especially the number of nappies I ended up with. I picked up two packs from Boots and one from Argos. They seem to be the same packs at both stores so I don’t think it matters where you go. (Bounty packs do seem to be better from Tesco than Boots though!).

This is what comes in each pack – go get your freebies mamas!

Mum to Be – Pack 1

My favourite things in this pack are the mini bump butter and week’s supply of Pregnacare. I’ve already packed them in my soap back for any nights away, such as going to stay with my parents this weekend. Its great that I don’t have to wait to pack my full size packs. The Oilatum and Comfort/Persil packs also come with money off vouchers attached.

Bump to Baby – Pack 2

I love that you get a whole pack of 22 Pampers nappies in this bag! The breast pads and breast milk storage bags also look great so I just need to not lose them before I need them.

New Family – Pack 3

I love the slim pack of wipes you get in this pack, great for tucking into any bag without taking up too much room. The toothpaste and spoon will get lost through our house renovations though I’m sure!

So yes, if you’re pregnant, sign up and get these packs! Its definately worth having to sort through all of the leaflets that come in them too. Actually though, I did use the voucher for Hotel Chocolate, because every pregnant mama needs chocolates right?!?

Any other freebies I need to know about?!?

Thanks for popping by,

Kimberley x

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