First Trimester Essentials

The first trimester can be hard work cant it?!? And suffering in silence while no one knows your news can make it even harder. Tiredness, sickness and headaches were my worst symptoms, and while they were very much worth it, it was nice to have a few things to make life a little easier too.

{You can read more about my first trimester here}

Pregnancy Apps

In the early days when everything was new and no one knew, pregnancy apps seriously kept me sane! I liked to know what was happening at each stage and how the baby was developing. It was also very reassuring to know which symptoms were normal and what to expect. Ovia has some great facts and good advice, and I love that you can choose a theme for a baby size comparison, Parisian bakery is my favourite! Bounty is great as its a UK app so has some more relevant information, it also allows you to download maternity leaflets specific to your hospital. Sprout is really cool as it shows a virtual reality foetus that moves and kicks and develops each week, almost like a little glimpse into the womb!

Kool ‘n’ Soothe

For me, pregnancy headaches were pretty depilitating at times and I was reluctant to take any paracetamol. My head really pounded at nothing seemed to help apart from these Kool n’ Soothe strips, a warm bath and sometimes an ice lolly too!


I was lucky to not feel nauseous constantly, but if I got hungry, I was sick! I also never knew what I fancied and was off a lot of foods, so having plain biscuits to hand at all times saved me on many occasions. Plain enough to not make me feel worse and just enough to take the edge of my hunger and stave of the sickness.


Pretty much for the same reason as biscuits. When I felt a bit sicky or had that annoying metallic taste in my mouth, a strong mint took the edge off and stopped me actually being sick (most of the time!). Also nice to freshen up after being sick!


For a few weeks I totally went off water, I didn’t even know what was possible! Adding a bit of juice made it bearable for me to drink and stopped me from getting dehydrated. I’m still not enjoying water as much as I used to so am definitely drinking a lot more juice than normal!


Ahh the pregnancy nap. Pregnancy tired is a whole new level of tiredness isn’t it? The only way I could manage to cook after work some days was by having a short nap first and at other times the naps were totally unplanned (especially in the car) but very much needed!

What helped your through your first trimester?

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