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I’m growing one wiggly baby and over the last week or two I have been able to feel movement on and off all day. The movements are getting stronger too. Tom has been able to feel them on several occasions and usually at least once a day I can see my bump moving and rippling! Its literally the best feeling in the world and so reassuring to me as an indicator that baby is doing well.

Last Friday morning when I woke up I didn’t feel the baby wriggles that usually accompany my alarm. I didn’t think too much of it, I was very sleepy that morning so I thought baby probably was too. I didn’t feel anything all morning either but I was busy at work with my class so just carried on, albeit feeling a little distracted. By lunchtime I was starting to really worry and after voicing my concerns aloud to my friends at work I started to really panic. I cried and my heart was pounding. Even if baby was moving, I doubt I would have felt it at that point, I was so worked up. My friend who works in the office at school kindly called the hospital for me and they said to come in and they’d see me in the next hour. I quickly organised my things for the afternoon and called Tom to meet me there (thankfully he works at the hospital). Everyone at work was so kind and Tom was so calm and reassuring on the phone too.

My friend offered to drive me but knowing I was on my way to get checked out calmed me down and I decided I would be fine to go on my own. I drove in silence without the radio and thankfully there was no traffic. Tom walked past just as I was trying (and failing) to find somewhere to park and parked the car for me while I went to join the queue.

It felt like such a long wait to be seen but in reality it couldn’t have been more than half an hour. After producing a urine sample and having my blood pressure taken, I was hooked up to a trace to monitor baby’s heart beat. It took a while to find at first but the sister told me that this kind of trace is only used after 26 weeks and at 26+2 I was only just passed that stage. Eventually baby’s heart beat was found and they responded with a huge kick! The smile that spread across my face at that kick made my cheeks hurt!

I had to hold the Doppler in place to maintain the reading and was given a button in the other hand to press each time baby moved. Then I was left to sit there for half an hour. I sent Tom away to see some patients as there didn’t see much point in us both being confined to that small room. I sat listening to the beautiful sound of baby’s heart beat, watching the trace and feeling a fair few kicks too!

At one point an alarm went off on the machine and no body came. I was a little worried and unsure whether to move to get someone or stay put so the trace could continue. Eventually a midwife came in and turned the alarm off and nodded at the trace but didn’t say anything. The first sister came back once the trace was complete and said she was very happy with it. The average heart rate was 146bpm with variation down to 130 and up to 160, which I googled after and is apparently a good thing!

All that was left to do was for my bump to be measured (bang on the 50th centile) and for me to get a telling off for not having my notes with me. Apparently you’re supposed to have them with you at all times, even as early as 26 weeks, so that’s me told. My urine and blood pressure were both fine so baby and I were given a clean bill of health and sent on our way, with reassurance that we’d done the right thing and another telling off for not having my notes!

I headed back to work feeling much happier but also exhausted. I felt a bit silly for getting so worked up but was met with hugs from everyone who’d seen me upset and everyone agreed it was better to be safe than sorry. I’d been tracking baby’s movements on the Kicks Count app and following their advice that anything that wasn’t normal for your baby should be checked out the same day, gave me the confidence to go to the hospital.

After my very stressful day I arrived home to flowers from Tom and dinner in the oven, and was treated to lots of strong baby kicks all weekend to. If in doubt, always go and get checked out. I felt a little bit silly but no one else thought I was. I never would have forgiven myself if something had been wrong and I’d ignored it and I wont think twice about going back again if I ever feel worried.

Thank you to everyone who was so kind to me that day.

Thanks for popping by,

Kimberley x

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