My Maternity Wardrobe Wishlist

If I’m honest, I’ve been in a bit of a clothes limbo for a while now. I lost quite a lot of weight on my Slimming World journey a couple of years ago and felt amazing on our trip to Paris in August 2015 in my new summer wardrobe. On that trip we got engaged, and celebrated with a lot of pastries! The weight started to creep back on from there, until our wedding, after which is stopped creeping and started piling on! This left me at the heaviest I think I’ve ever been and very few clothes that actually fit by the start of this year. Not ideal. However as we were trying for a baby I was reluctant to buy any new clothes knowing that they too wouldn’t fit soon if I did get pregnant. So fast forward a couple of months and I am pregnant and very happy! But despite actually having lost a couple of pounds this pregnancy there is only so long you can use the hair bobble button extender trick on trousers that barely fit in the first place! So at 14 and a half weeks pregnant I decided to start my pregnancy wardrobe. I know that many people manage in their own clothes a lot longer but after purchasing one pair of maternity work trousers and one pair of maternity jeans there is no looking back. Oh my days they are so comfortable, how does any one ever go back to wearing normal clothes?!?



I love how smart these trousers are for work. You would never guess they were maternity. They are full length on me despite being cropped on the model on the New Look Website! Image from New Look Website.

These jeans are so comfortable and I love how they will go with anything and that they are still super skinny. Image from H&M Website.

After the success of these purchases I have been online hunting out some more pieces for my maternity wardrobe. Now I don’t want to go overboard, I wont be pregnant for ever and don’t have an unlimited budget, so I’m looking for a few key items that will see me through in comfort. There are a few items that are on my wishlist…


Ideally I’d like some simple tops that will go with everything and will also emphasise my bump to save me from looking awkwardly fat instead of pregnant! I love the details on this ASOS top. Image from ASOS Website.



I’m pretty pleased with the trousers I already have and don’t feel like I’ll need too many more. I will try and get some blue jeans too as well some good old leggings to see me through!


I’m not sure if I’m being overly optimising about the British summertime weather, but I feel like a good pair of denim shorts will be essential to see me through the 6 weeks holidays. I don’t know about you, but I find buying denim shorts a huge chore at the best of times, they either too long or too short and to fit my waist they’re far too tight on the legs! I love the look of these New Look denim shorts though so I’m hoping they will be a good fit. Image from New Look.


I think these shorts would also be a great addition as they are a bit more dressy for those summer evenings. Image from ASOS. I found these shorts via Love the Sales which has a great maternity selection from a wide range of brands.


I think finding maternity dresses that aren’t too mumsy is really hard and many are not in my style. However I love this navy dress from ASOS (that I found via Love the Sales) as I think its really cute. Image from ASOS.

I suppose I best get ordering then!

Have I missed anything? What are/were your maternity wardrobe staples?

Thanks for popping by,

Kimberley x



5 thoughts on “My Maternity Wardrobe Wishlist

  1. How do we ever go back to normal clothes? Maternity clothes are the best, especially maternity jeans! Love the H&M ones! #ShareTheBlogLove

  2. Lovely choices! I definitely found that there was a point that jeans just weren’t possible and only dresses would do! I loved my dungaree dress too, so comfy. My favourite dresses were from Seraphine – beautiful, and have done me through two pregnancies now, so not so bad value really. Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  3. Hey, Normally I love to wear jeans. But currently I am a pregnant and I have no enough ideas about maternity jeans. But after reading this article I learn many things from this article and related comments. Hope so it will help me to choose the right maternity clothes for me. Thanks for the sharing such an informative article.

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