Our 20 Week Scan

Last Thursday we finally got to see baby again at our 20 week scan. I had started to feel pretty nervous the few days before, just hoping that everything was going to be ok. Our appointment was the first one of the day again which meant an early start, definately a shock to the system in the middle of the summer holidays!

I managed to force myself to eat a little bit of breakfast but after asking for advice on Instagram I knew I didn’t need to down lots of water to have a full bladder for this scan too (thanks everyone!). Tom popped into work while I waited to book us in and he came over to meet me just in time for the appointment. It was a different sonographer and room to the last two times which actually made me feel more nervous! There was also a student in there too.

The sonographer asked straight away if we wanted to find out the gender and we said we didn’t. She somehow realised that Tom had a medical background so said she’d keep the screen off at first in case he saw something he didn’t want to see! She started scanning and quickly told us that she could see baby and a healthy heartbeat which relaxed me slightly. She put the screen on quickly for us to see baby in profile then turned it off to complete her checks.

Next she carefully scanned every little part of baby, explaining to the student the whole time what she was doing and what she was looking our for. I had to not panic every time she mentioned a medical condition as she was just telling the student what the potential problems could be! She turned the screen on after to show us what she’d seen. We saw baby’s brain, spine, heart (beating at 146bpm), stomach, kidneys and even diaphragm. For some reason the diaphragm blew my mind the most and made me a little emotional haha. There was one spinal measurement she couldn’t get due to baby’s position so she turned the screen off and let the student have a go at scanning while we waited for baby to move.

Baby did move and she managed to get the final measurement and we knew that everything was ok. We got to see the full spine as baby curled up and could see that the whole length was covered in skin, which is what they were looking out for. After that we got a picture to take home and that was the end of the appointment. I was expecting to see a midwife after but it was just the scan. I can’t believe that, all being well, we wont see baby again until he/she is born! It feels like a very long wait.

I wasn’t at all tempted to find out the gender at all. Tom didn’t mind either way but I think he was a little disappointed not to see more of the scan and wouldn’t have minded knowing the gender if it meant seeing more of the scan as we’d gone along.

Just for fun I decided to try out this fun gender predictor and it said my answers were too close to call! I’ll try again in a few weeks I think. We both have a feeling baby is a girl though, although this is not based on anything in particular.

Did you find out your baby’s gender at the 20 week scan?

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