The First Scan

When we got back from our first scan appointment I felt like I wanted to record my feelings, even though we weren’t quite ready to share our news yet (We Have Some News..). This is the post I wrote that day while everything was still fresh in my mind…

I was so nervous. I’d pretty much convinced myself that there would be something wrong, or no baby there at all and I would be told I’d made the whole thing up. My appointment was for 8am and we were asked to arrive 20 minutes early. I was too nervous to eat much breakfast, but Tom had got my fruit and yoghurt out for me and opened the kitchen window so there wouldn’t be any cooking smells to make me feel sick, so I thought I should make the effort to eat a little something. I followed the instructions to a T and drank a glass of squash at 7am, exactly an hour before my appointment.

We now live really close to the hospital and as Tom works there we had no concerns about parking so despite not leaving the house until quarter past 7 we were booking in and reception for half past. I was glad we were early because quite a few couples arrived after us and I didn’t want to wait any longer than we had too! It felt like a long wait until 8am but we were called in right on time by the ultrasound man Will. He was lovely and put us as ease, although I was still to nervous to really speak. I lay on the bed and he asked me to tuck tissue into the top of my leggings to protect them from the jelly. He explained that he would have a look and check that everything was ok on his screen before turning on the screen for us to see. Within seconds he was saying there was one baby with a healthy heartbeat and turning on our screen for us to see.

I couldn’t believe it. I welled up immediately. It was actually real! I was too choked to speak still. The baby was moving so much and it was really strange to see that it was happening inside me and I couldn’t feel a thing. Baby was so active, bringing its arms over its head and to its forehead, kicking its legs and even jumping totally up at one point. Will walked us through from the head to the feet before taking some measurements. I was measuring at 10+6, one day behind what I thought. The doctor had thought I was further along than that but I was pretty confident with my calculations. Will explained that I would need another appointment when the baby was a little bigger if I wanted the first trimester screening so we made another appointment for when I will be 12+1, which is exciting to be able to have another scan so soon. We chose an image to have printed then went round to wait for the midwife and consultant, since I have an underactive thyroid. The scan was pretty fast but at no point did we feel rushed. We got to see the baby move lots and from different angles and it felt ever so special. I still can’t really believe there’s a tiny little baby in there!

Thanks for popping by,

Kimberley x

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