The First Trimester

I wrote a 6 week pregnancy update back in May, with the intention of writing a post every couple of weeks. I never got round to it for a range of reasons really (moving house being the main one!) so I thought I’d summarise my 1st trimester in one post (so sorry its a long one). I haven’t felt exactly how I expected to feel, or got symptoms when I thought I would, so I wanted to have some record of this pregnancy to look back on. At the time of writing I am 13 weeks and 3 days, and this post will go live on Wednesday when I turn 14 weeks.


Baby is the size of lime, jalapeno, matchbox car or large macaroon, depending which app you look at! Many organs are already formed and are beginning to function and reflexes are starting to develop which allow baby to curl its fingers and toes. Kidneys and thyroid are among some of the organs that are already working and vocal cords and finger prints are developing this week too! The head still makes up over a third of baby’s body but the lower body will catch up soon.


I kind of expected to hit six weeks and suddenly feel nauseous all of time and to be being sick lots. This didn’t happen and while I’m sure lots of people would say this makes me very lucky, it made me feel nothing but anxious! I had the odd wave of nausea but never enough to be sure if it was pregnancy related or not. I was actually sick for the first time, just before 9 weeks. I opened the fridge and the smell hit me and that was it. I have been sick quite a lot since. Luckily I don’t feel nauseous all day but if I get hungry I’m sick so literally feel like I’m just constantly eating alllll day. I’m also very sensitive to smells which can also make me sick. I have to avoid the fridge completely and rely on Tom to get things for me.

Along with the sickness and constant hunger I have also completely gone off some foods, oh and I even went off water for a couple of weeks. I’ve eaten a lot of carbs and a lot of rubbish to be honest which was in no way my intention. I kind of just have to eat what I fancy, often nothing sounds good even though I’m hungry and something that I loved one week I cant bear the thought of the next, which makes meal planning and food shopping quite tricky! I haven’t had any cravings as such but if I decide I want something I seem to really have to have it. Oh and I have really random daily hiccups where I just hiccup really violently two or three times out of nowhere!

I have also been super tired the whole time really, but the past few weeks I’ve literally been exhausted. To the point of even having a nap when I get home from work and I haven’t napped since I was a student. I don’t seem to sleep as soundly as I used to and have been having vivid dreams, as well as waking up for a wee in the night. After lunch at work I feel almost too tired to function and despite wanting to do loads around the new house at weekends I’ve barely had the energy to do anything at all.

Between weeks 11 and 12 I had the worst headaches too. I read that they were a common symptom for those weeks and also it was when we had a heat wave which I’m sure didn’t help. They were the type of headaches that throb every time you move and each step feels like someone is bashing you on the head. Not great when you don’t want to be taking any painkillers.

I’m really looking forward to getting some energy back and to feeling less sick as I had such great intentions of eating really healthily and exercising during my pregnancy which unfortunately hasn’t happened at all so far really. I will definitely change that as soon as I feel able to. I think I was maybe a little naïve to think I’d feel ok to do those things!

Despite all of these symptoms not being the most pleasant, I really don’t mind at all as they are all for a good reason!

Diet, Exercise and Weight Gain

As mentioned above my diet hadn’t been the best so far which I’m finding quite frustrating. I’m trying to cook slimming world recipes where possible and taking leftovers for lunch so those meals haven’t been too bad. We have had a few takeaways on evenings where I couldn’t face cooking and also when there have been workmen in the house until late. I haven’t been able to eat many fruits or vegetables unless they are cooked into whatever we’re eating. The snacking has been the worst as I’m constantly hungry and seem to have to eat all day to avoid being sick, so have a constant supply of crisps and biscuits to hand!

Before I started to feel totally exhausted at around 9 weeks I managed to do a couple of first trimester workouts that I found on YouTube. Last week I swam twice, which I really loved, and am hoping to do the same this week too.

I haven’t been able to weigh myself properly since moving house due to things just being here there and everywhere in the new house. We do have a Friday weigh club at work though and I’ve actually lost a couple of lbs over the last couple of weeks.

Bump and Clothes

I don’t think I have a bump yet but I am feeling huge! If I’m honest a lot of my clothes were already a little too small as my diet went out of the window after our wedding and honeymoon so I was already making do with a limited selection of my wardrobe while I tried to lose weight. I’m quite bloated and my boobs are huge so I think I will need some new clothes soon. I feel like I’m in that awkward stage of not looking pregnant but just a bit fat. Too big for my old clothes but not yet big enough for maternity clothes either! Oh and my face feels fat and puffy too!

Over the past few days I have had some pains in my abdomen. They haven’t worried me too much as they don’t feel like crampy period pains and I think they might just be growing pains as things move around to make room for baby, so maybe a bump will appear soon.

How I’m Feeling

I’m starting to feel a little less anxious now that we have had a scan and are reaching the end of the first trimester. It is still in the back of my head that something could go wrong but I’m trying not to let it weigh on my mind too heavily as I want to be able to enjoy my pregnancy. Since sharing our news it does feel a little bit more real, but still not completely. I allow myself to be excited sometimes but baby still feels such a long way off! I am looking forward to getting a bump, whenever that might be, and to feeling baby move too. I have been feeling a little frustrated at times and not being able to do all of the things around the new house that I’d like to do, and that I need to nap so often, so hopefully I’ll get a little energy back over the next few weeks.


I had my booking appointment with the midwife when I was exactly 8 weeks. It wasn’t a particularly exciting appointment to be honest, just lots of form filling, and I didn’t feel anymore pregnant after it than I did before! They aired on the side of caution when booking my scan, as although I was pretty confident with my dates due to my previous 40 day cycles, they still went off a ‘normal’ 28 day cycle. At my first scan they dated me as being 10+6 (one day off what I originally thought) then at the next scan they moved by due date back to the 3rd January, which is what I had thought all along!

The first scan was amazing and I have written a post all about it. Its so surreal seeing your baby for the first time and knowing that there is actually a little person growing inside you. Its crazy to see so much movement when you can’t feel a thing. I also had to see a consultant after the first scan as I have an underactive thyroid, which technically makes me high risk. She didn’t seem too worried though. As I was earlier than they expected at that first scan I was then offered another one to enable then to perform the nuchal translucency screening tests. These thankfully came back low risk and it was great to see baby again so soon! Some extra bloods were also taken to try and determine baby’s blood type, as I am rhesus D negative, so may need anti-D injections later on if baby is positive.

I have my next midwife appointment in just under a week, which will be the first with my new midwife as we have moved to a new area. My 20 week scan is already booked in for the 17th of August too!

{You can read our pregnancy announcement here}

Thanks for popping by,

Kimberley x


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  1. Aww first off congratulations, I didn’t realise you were pregnant. The sickness thing is the worst isn’t it. That’s what I hated most about being pregnant! But good news the consultant isn’t too worried about you fingers crossed for smooth pregnancy for you. ps you’re looking fab too! Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time

  2. Congrats. The first trimester feels so unreal doesn’t it. And typically it’s meant be be when you feel the roughest. Hope things improve from here.


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