What’s in Baby’s Hospital Bag

So as I said in my ‘What’s in My Hospital Bag’ post, I’m packing one bag for me, one for baby and some spares to leave in the car. Tom is in charge of his own bag and drinks and snacks for us both!

There isn’t a great deal in the bag for baby, but I guess they don’t need a lot? I’ve packed…

  • 4 outfits – each one consisting of a vest, sleep suit, hat and warm layer. They all have closed feet and built in scratch mitts. There will be one extra in the bag in the car too
  • Newborn nappies – a pack of 22 with another pack in the car
  • Cotton wool balls
  • Water wipes
  • 3 muslins
  • Nappy sacks – for nappies it dirty clothes
  • Blanket – I haven’t packed this yet because I’m knitting one and it’s not finished. Don’t worry I do have a back up!
  • Milestone cards

This doesn’t seem a lot, is there anything I’ve forgotten?!?

I’m linking up to Bumps & Babies with Jenny from Let’s Talk Mummy.

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Kimberley x

5 thoughts on “What’s in Baby’s Hospital Bag

  1. I think you’ve got everything you need there! Great idea keeping spares in the car too, I wish we had done that as I was in hospital for a week x

  2. I think you got it ready and set for the hospital. How very exciting all the essentials…. oh you got me thinking I never had a bag ready in time for second as she came a month early so I think this time around I need to be extra prepared early. Best wishes. Thanks for linking up to #BumpsBabies and I hope to see you again tomo for another fab round up.

  3. Thank you Kimberley for sharing What’s in Baby’s Hospital Bag. I think you have More than enough items. You will probably only use very little since the hospital will provide you with many things you will need.

    Have you purchased the baby car seat? Make sure thats set up and ready to go.

  4. Thanks Melissa, we are waiting our first baby within this month. We are counting the final days! We are so excited. My wife has prepared her hospital bag in case of emergency 🙂 I will let her to read your article. So my sweety can check her bag. I do not want to look for what is missing after birth 🙂

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