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Things I Was Grateful for in October

October was half term, baby cuddles, babymoon, lazy days and family catch ups. This month I was grateful for…

  1. Watching my bump move and ripple with a very active baby!
  2. The news of the safe (if early) arrival of a friend’s baby
  3. Cottage pie on a cold evening
  4. Reaching the 2nd viability milestone
  5. Chatting to my parents on holiday
  6. Pizza
  7. Breakfast in bed
  8. Visiting the new IKEA with friends
  9. Hearing baby’s heartbeat at the midwife
  10. My maternity Christmas jumper arriving in the post
  11. Reaching the third trimester
  12. FaceTime with my sister
  13. Knitting in the bath
  14. Time to rest when I was feeling poorly
  15. Finding a car seat that fits in my car
  16. FaceTime with my sister on her birthday
  17. Lots of lovely comments on a photo
  18. Leaving work a bit earlier
  19. PPA
  20. Getting my hair done and ordering our car seat and pram
  21. Tom making me a desk/dressing table area amidst the house renovation chaos
  22. Slow Sundays
  23. Lots of gorgeous pumpkins!
  24. A sweet calendar photo shoot with my class
  25. Enjoying our first NCT class and the start of half term
  26. Arriving in Norfolk to a roast on the table
  27. Lunch outside on a sunny Autumn day
  28. Baby hiccups and Tom getting to feel them
  29. Baby cuddles
  30. Starting our babymoon with a delicious three course dinner
  31. A lovely day out with Tom and being upgraded at the hotel

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