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Things I was Grateful for in September

I’m sure these grateful posts aren’t that interesting to anyone else, but I enjoy writing them and I’m sure I’ll enjoy looking back at them in the future too! When things are busy and stressful or you’re feeling down I think its important to focus on the little things that make life good!

These are the things I was grateful for in September…

  1. A lovely trip on a motorboat on Lake Windermere.
  2. Tom working so hard to make our bedroom nice (even though I nearly had a heart attack when I heard the ceiling fall down!).
  3. Some relaxing hypno-birthing time in the bath.
  4. A new floor in my classroom.
  5. A good first day with my new class.
  6. My classroom finally getting finished and dinner with friends.
  7. A good book.
  8. Meeting our new niece.
  9. Cuddles with our new niece.
  10. Getting (a little bit) organised.
  11. Exciting news from my best friends.
  12. Freebies!
  13. Reaching 24 weeks of pregnancy.
  14. Lovely comments from Instagram friends.
  15. Friday!
  16. A break from home renovations to go to the cinema.
  17. Phone calls with my Mum, Dad and sister.
  18. Dinner with friends (again!).
  19. Chocolates and Bake Off.
  20. An early night.
  21. Lovely post from my sister.
  22. Mum remembering what I asked to have for dinner weeks ago and having it ready for me when I got home!
  23. Pram browsing and a family dinner.
  24. Finally feeling like we were making progress in clearing out my childhood bedroom.
  25. Tom making dinner.
  26. Waking up to baby kicks.
  27. Peace and quiet to get some things done.
  28. Dinner with friends and a phone call from my Dad.
  29. A healthy foetal heart rate trace and everyone being so kind.
  30. Watching a film with Tom.

Thanks for popping by,

Kimberley x

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