Teddy at 12 Months

So that’s it, he’s 1! Although 12 months sounds younger so lets stick with that. I think he’s pleased its the last of these monthly updates judging by how hard it was to take the photo!

Teddy is so interested in everything we do. If anyone makes a cup of tea he stands and shouts until they pick him up to help, my mum really perfected the art of one-handed tea making over Christmas! He also likes to watch while you cook and loves helping with the washing, he will pull all of the clean clothes out of the washing machine and put them in the basket, unfortunately he’ll also take it off the maid and put it back into the basket too. He’s started to do more role play type of activities, pretending to mix and drink with pots and spoons from the Tupperware cupboard and trying to put socks on, he loves to carry around a sock.

Lots of his play involves throwing things at the moment and bashing them together. He also enjoys putting things in and out of boxes, bags and pots. He will play independently for quite a long time and focuses on one activity for a lot longer. Books are still one of his favourites, he’ll sit and look at them on his own or bring them over for you to read. He prefers ones with flaps or sound buttons, he can’t quite manage to operate the sound buttons himself but will grab your finger and use it like a stick. He’s started dancing when he hears music and its just the cutest thing. (I’m posting this late and he can now press the buttons himself, he then runs over to you excitedly and then runs back to dance and press it again as soon as it stops!) He also had an adorable new smile where he scrunches up his nose and eyes.

Over the past week or so, Teddy has started to make more noises and to copy sounds. He says a word that sounds like a cross between Daddy and Teddy. He can really make his wishes known with gestures too, more than just putting his arms up to be picked up, he tells you if he wants you to stand up with up or take him somewhere specific. If he needs help with something he will run over to you shouting until you help him. He loves to play peek-a-boo and is really ticklish.

Naps have been a little all over the place recently as he’s been getting up later so there isn’t always time to fit in the second nap, sometimes he has it, sometimes he doesn’t. Being away from groups and our usual activities means is hasn’t mattered too much and I’m using the down time to try and figure out what is new natural pattern will be. He still wakes a lot overnight but I’ve kind of accepted that’s just who he is, I’m sure he’ll sleep through one day. Recently Teddy has had a bigger appetite and definitely needs two snacks a day as well as his three meals, he’s still eating well and eats most things, as well as breastfeeding.

Two more bottom teeth are starting to cut through after a couple of months break from teething. He was poorly for the whole week before Christmas and well as for Christmas and his birthday, so its hard to tell what was teething and what was the sickness bug, viral infection or cold…

We has his 9-12 month check with the health visitor so he was weighed, I think he was around stone and a half. He’s now following the 50th centile for weight, 25th for height and 75th for head circumference, although he looks perfectly in proportion to me! It was the first time his height has been measured.

At 12 months Teddy seems to able and communicative and determined, its hard to believe that a year ago he was a teeny tiny newborn.

Teddy Welbank you are so very loved.

(Even though I’m publishing this very late, it was written on time so is accurate for Teddy as he turned 12 months)

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