Teddy at 9 Months

9 months old! Out longer than he was in and growing up way too fast!

I’m really loving this age. Teddy is just adorable. Hands down my favourite thing from this month is that he’s started to give kisses! I was avoiding them at first thinking he was trying to bite me on the mouth so feel bad as he just wanted to kiss all along! He’ll give you a kiss if you ask and always kisses Tom when he picks him up, its just so cute!

Teddy isn’t crawling yet but is really trying this month. When he’s on the bed he will clap his hands, throw himself onto his front and do a little wiggle. His legs are crawling but his arms haven’t quite managed it and his face is way too involved. On the floor or playmat he’s a little more hesitant but is starting to get on all fours, especially when trying to reach something. He even likes to practise crawling when feeding laying down. Teddy can pull himself to standing now, on us and in the bath especially, and still loves to spend as much time as possible on his feet.

We’ve been enjoying being at baby groups again over the past couple of weeks and he is always so smiley there. He also enjoys sitting and playing but prefers non toy toys such as spoons, remotes and baby wipes!

The 9-12 month wardrobe is out, more due to the change in seasons though than him growing out of the 6-9 clothes. I got him weighed a couple of weeks ago and he was just over 20lbs, he’d moved from the 25th centile to the 75th! We’ve had to start using size 5 nappies at night but 4s still fit and are fine for the day.

Teddy is still loving food and I think we’ll introduce snacks along with his 3 meals soon, although then I’m sure I’ll spend my whole day either making food or cleaning up afterwards! We’re still breastfeeding with no intention to stop any time soon, despite the biting that has been a real problem this month! He has 5 teeth and number 6 is taking forever to come through.

Earlier in the month we had a couple of really tough days where Teddy was super fussy and not his usual happy self at all. He didn’t want to be put down, or picked up, he threw toys then was cross they had gone, literally nothing was right and it was sad to see him so frustrated. It passed really quickly luckily and we’re putting it down to the leap! At the start of this week Teddy came down with a bad cold, hopefully he’ll be feeling better soon!

Our routine is pretty similar to last month with a 6.30-7ish bedtime and a 6.30-7.30am wake up (with lots of wake ups in the night too). He is still having a longer nap in the morning and a shorter one in the afternoon and this seems to work well for him.

Teddy Welbank you are so very loved x

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