The Me and Mine Project – October

It’s October, so of course this month’s photos are from the pumpkin patch!

Tom took some persuading that we should take our car-hating baby on an hour long drive just to take some photos, and I have to say he was probably right. The journey was actually ok, but we found Farmer Copley’s a little disappointing, which is a shame as it was highly recommended. For us it was pretty busy and Teddy was far too small to appreciate any of the other attractions. The pumpkin fields themselves were quite bare and no where near as pretty as Village Pumpkin when Teddy and I visited earlier in the week (you can see those photos here).

We did have a nice day though, Teddy enjoyed looking around from the sling and practising his walking. Luckily we made it into the cafe before the huge rush too and enjoyed a tasty lunch. I’m pleased with the photos we got too, although I somehow didn’t notice the huge muddy pumpkin in the frame when I set up the self timer!

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