The Me and Mine Project – September

Late as usual! September felt like a really long month but somehow the opportunity to take a family photo just didn’t present itself and we ended up taking a very last minute self photo on the 30th just as Teddy and I were about to rush out of the door. You can tell by his face that he’s rather confused by the whole thing!

We were pleased to get back to a bit of a routine this month with our baby classes starting up again, I’ve chosen some new one based around Teddy’s nap routine, which of course changed as soon as our classes were finalised. Both Tom and Teddy got colds so we also had some cosy lazy days at home after cancelling our plans.

September brought with it new carpets! The house is really feeling like a home now and the end is finally in sight. We still have lots of unpacking and finishing touches to do but there are no more major projects left to do (don’t mention the hall, stairs or landing…) and we’re no longer at the mercy of various tradesmen! This photo is taken in our lounge with our new wallpaper and fireplace. Tom chose the paper and I have to say I’m impressed.

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