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A Little Home Renovation Update

You may have noticed that its all been a little quiet on the home renovation front over here. I last posted in September about how I was finding it frustrating living in a building site while the urge to nest was strong. Back in September we were living with a partially finished bathroom and had moved into the spare room while Tom stripped back our bedroom to bare brick to start again! In the 6ish weeks since I wrote that post, what has changed…

Erm well the short answer is not a lot! Tom finished plaster boarding the walls and ceiling in our bedroom but the builder who is going to skim them has been delayed so we’re still camping out in the spare room, surrounded by boxes. Unfortunately its the same builder who was set to start work on our extension back in September so there is no progress on that front either! We’ve got quite used to our make shift kitchen though and at least we have a kitchen to see us through until the new one in the extension is complete.

Waiting for the extension also means that the downstairs is still largely unpacked and isn’t looking all that different to when we moved in, apart from the bare floorboards since we ripped out the carpets pretty much straight away! A couple of weeks ago Tom cleared out a space for my desk in the front room so now I have somewhere to work and also a temporary dressing table while we wait to get back in our room. Its made such a difference to how I feel about the whole situation so I’m so grateful. Its nice to have a little space for my things and to have somewhere to get ready instead of perching on the edge of the bed to do my hair and make up each morning.

Despite being started in July, and only being a small room, the bathroom still isn’t finished. The bathroom man was fitting us in around other jobs to start with but we expected him to set aside time to finish the project once his other jobs were completed. This didn’t turn out as planned and there are quite a few elements unfinished, including the tiling, extractor, light and cabinet…

Fingers crossed there should be some progress this week. As I’m writing work has started again on the bathroom upstairs and the plastering in our bedroom is due to start this afternoon. I’m not getting my hopes up too much, we expected to return from our half term away to a plastered bedroom ready to decorate but that just didn’t happen. If all goes to plan the bathroom will be finished midweek and we should be able to decorate our bedroom at the weekend.

That will just leave the extension, removal of the chimney from the dining room and spare bedroom, downstairs toilet installation, kitchen fitting, carpeting throughout and all the rest of the re-decoration. I wonder how much will be done before the baby is due in 8 and a half weeks…

Thanks for popping by,

Kimberley x

7 thoughts on “A Little Home Renovation Update

  1. Oh my word. The hall, stairs and landing have been stripped and replastered this week in our house. Every time I blow my nose I swear plaster dust comes out. However, that is nothing compared to the scale of things you are juggling. Good Luck #SharingtheBlogLove

  2. Ohhhh KIMBERLEY!!!! Renovations are not fun at the best of times but with a brand new baby on the way, you must be tearing your hair out!! Bless you lovely — I hope your bathroom man comes back and finishes what he’s started. I do love seeing the transformation of a home though so please, please link up with us again, when you’ve got something new to report!! 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up to #HomeEtc Cxx

  3. I fully remember that stage – it really does make such a difference to have just a little area set up that feels like yours and like home. I hope you can start to see things coming together soon. The bathroom looks like it’s nearly there – and I love a subway tile, such a lovely choice! And having the bedroom done will feel huge too, and it sounds like it’s nearly there. Best of luck with it all! Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  4. Wow, it sounds like you’ve got a lot on your plate! We moved over a year ago now and we’ve only done the kitchen and the boys’ bedroom. My husband is about to start painting the hall and stairs this weekend though so hopefully that won’t take too long! Good luck with the rest of your renovations. #SharingTheBlogLove

  5. Oh Kimberley, I really feel for you – this is so stuff! I only had builders in my home doing a garden renovation/build and it nearly killed me! Plus I wasnt pregnant *sigh*. Fingers crossed there’s more progress this month. 8 weeks, eeek!

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