Our Bittersweet Home Makeover

January has been a month of major clearing out, decorating and odd jobs around the house for us. My sister bought me Marie Kondo’s The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up for Christmas and, as recommended in the book, I started with a huge clothes clear out. I packed up 8 bin bags of clothes for the charity shop over the space of a weekend and from then on there was no stopping me!

We have de cluttered in every room, filling bin bag after bin bag. We have organised everything we own into appropriate storage. The bath has been re-grouted and walls have been repainted. All of the things we’ve been meaning to do for month, maybe even years, have finally been accomplished. Our new organised space has been scrubbed and polished to perfection.

It feels so good. The rooms feel lighter, like an actual physical weight has been lifted. Everywhere is fresher and brighter despite the January gloom outside. We have cosy corners and functional spaces and home feels like a real sanctuary.

I’ve fallen in love with our home again. Wandering from room to room just happy to be there. Its not that I ever really fell out of love with it though, it just became a little cluttered, especially after a summer of wedding planning meant it kind of got neglected, and that started to become stressful. I can’t wait for next weekend now its all over. To reap the benefits of all of our hard work. To have a weekend at home without jobs to do, just enjoying what we have created.

But those weekends are numbered. You see, one of the driving forces behind all of this is that we are hoping to move house soon. Our house will go on the market this week and we spent many a weekend driving around potential new areas last year. We love our house, really love it. We are only seeking a nicer area, an area that we’d happily bring up a family in, should be lucky enough to have children. If we could pick up this house and take it with us, we most definitely would, in a heartbeat. But its built on foundations not wheels, so that just isn’t an option!

So our renovations are bittersweet. I’m disappointed in us for not doing all of these things sooner, for putting them off until we were forced to do them to sell the house. I’m also a┬ábit annoyed that someone else will benefit from our month of hard graft. I’ve vowed to make the most of the changes now, and we’ve promised ourselves that if we move, we’ll do all of these things sooner. We’ll paint the walls, hang the pictures, keep on top of the clutter and schedule in those deep cleaning jobs regularly.

To love the home we’re in.

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Thanks for popping by,

Kimberley x