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I’m so excited to have found this linky, hosted by the lovely Morgana at Coffee Work Sleep Repeat, and I really think its the perfect one for me! All of my favourite things in one place to summarise my week, brilliant. So this is what I’ve been loving this week…


Beautiful Broken Things by Sara Barnard. It was the one book from my honeymoon selection that I didn’t get round to reading whilst we were away. I have realised that it’s probably aimed at teenagers actually, but I’ve been enjoying it all the same. Its a great story about female friendships that actually resonates with all ages I feel, I see parallels in my own friendships over the years and I can even see similarities in the friendships groups in my reception class. There is an underlying theme of mental health issues which is really fitting since World Mental Health Day was this week. I’ve read the whole book in just over a week and found it easy to read and really enjoyable.


Usually I only manage about 10 minutes reading a day just before I go to sleep, but on my train journey home from a weekend in Manchester I enjoyed a good 40 minutes of uninterrupted reading time, which was bliss.


The first episode of the new series of the Apprentice. A bit late I know, but its 10pm finish is too late for me mid-week(!) so we record it and catch up another day. I find it infuriating and compelling in equal measures, and to be honest I find the first few episodes a little hard to get into when there are so many candidates!


This super cute little leaf-stuffed bear. I will share a how-to blog post next weeks as its a lovely little outdoor Autumn activity. My class absolutely loved it on our Forest School day, and were so attached to their new little bear friends.



My new jacket from Primark. I was lacking any jacket that was smart enough for evening wear and not as warm as my huge winter coat. My husband dislikes it on principle because its from Primark, but also because its grey, and he says I wear too much grey! Excuse the silly pose and poor photo quality, I was trying to recreate a photo I took on my hen weekend because we walked past the apartments where we stayed.


A child in my class talking all about ‘infection books’, took me a while to realise he meant non-fiction books!

and Lastly…

I has such a lovely weekend visiting my sister and her gorgeous little pug Harriet. We ate some amazing food and had a fun night out and Junk Yard Golf and spent the perfect lazy Sunday at her flat.

LittleLovesThanks for popping by,

Kimberley x

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  1. I am sneaking in here because I lost your comment! It was a nightmare haha. Let me explain you everything about that switch from free wordpress plan to self hosted blog. So it lasted not even 2 days lol, I just canceled my self hosted domain, that’s why your comment disappeared.
    I didn’t find that whole thing right for me, I started blogging almost a month ago and I don’t have that many followers so it wasn’t worth it. For a start up plan they suggest you have at least 10.000 views per month, and I was way faar away from that but I was like: oh well I don’t care I am going to do it anyway. WRONG ?. Your blog will stop showing up on the “reader” and that’s where I am getting all my traffic from! I don’t want to lose that part, which is the most amazing one because you discover new blogs at your level and more. But apparently with a self hosted website you’re “too good” to show up there. Tags become useless because of this. The follow button? Another nightmare. Email subscription only or you have to hack the blog like I did and managed to insert a normal follow button like the one I have on my free blog. ? They convince you there are ways to increase your traffic, and I believe there are, but I decided it wasn’t my time. I decided to go back to my free wordpress blog, upgrade it maybe to premium and wait until I have a big community. Then, maybe, go back to a self hosted website, but not now. I spent so many hours these 2 days trying to figure out things and remaining disappointed every time. It’s a good choice if you have a huge blog but not for a blog small like mine, too overwhelming!!!
    I see you have a .com domain though! What kind of wordpress plan do you have? Now I need suggestions from you haha!

    1. Oh no! That sounds like a nightmare haha. I’ve only been blogging for a few weeks, but thought about maybe switching to self hosted before I got too many followers to mind loosing, if that makes sense. Maybe I’ll read up on it a little more first!
      I paid on wordpress.com, but only for the cheapest plan, the personal one. I still got my own domain doing that but not really much else different from the free one I don’t think

  2. What a fab bear! My little boy has forest school with his class and I’m sure they’d love to make something like that. What a good idea! I love grey – and I love your coat! We’ve just had a Primark store open within an hours drive so I can’t wait to start exploring affordable fashion a bit more! x

      1. Haha I’m in Cumbria – it’s the third largest county in the country, but sparsely populated! I can’t wait to go to the new in Carlisle lol x

  3. I feel the same about The Apprentice, it’s just so cringey yet I can’t help but watch it! Honestly, where do they find these people?!
    So pleased you had a great weekend in Manchester. We’re only half an hour away from there and love going in both as a family and on a child free night out. It’s such a fun city.
    Hope you’re having a good week so far xx

  4. Oh that bear is adorable! And I did have a giggle at Infection Books. 4 year olds do come out with some very funny things don’t they!

    Hope you’ve had a great week!


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