Swan Lake, Back to Work and Gilmore Girls #LittleLoves

Last weekend we had an open morning of viewings at our house so we escaped to Manchester to see my family (and appreciate their heading and hot water since our boiler broke last week!). We went out for dinner at Turtle Bay before heading to the Palace Theatre for the ballet. We stayed over at my parents’ house and got to ‘meet’ their new campervan too!


This has been our last week of the half term so its been a hectic one, I’m so excited for the half term holidays to start. But first I have to get through today, which will be very emotional as its my teaching assistants last day and I’m very sad to see her go!

This week I…


A few weeks ago I started reading Vinegar Girl by Anne Tyler, which is a retelling of Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew. I had got into reading every night but when I got poorly with slapped cheek last week I just didn’t have the energy and got out of the habit. I’ve read a few pages here and there but have still not finished it, which is really slow for me.


I made it back into work after being off poorly, does that count? Catching up with all I’ve missed and getting ready for next half term as I’m away all holiday has left me with little time for much else really.

I cooked Shanghai Chilli Prawns for me and Tom on Tuesday. I make this recipe a lot but as it was Valentine’s Day I shaped the prawns into a heart haha.



Swan Lake at the Palace Theatre in Manchester and loved it! I’ve never been to the ballet before and have always wanted to see Swan Lake. I never took ballet lessons as a child but did do some adult ballet at 18. I loved the idea of being a swan but wasn’t particularly talented or graceful! I did find some parts a little slow but I think that was more down to still not feeling 100% and being very tired after being poorly.


I also started watching Gilmore Girls on Morgana‘s recommendation. I can’t believe I’ve never seen it before! I’m starting from the beginning so it should keep me entertained for a while. I’ve never watched a series on Netflix before (shocking I know) and I didn’t realised that the next episode plays straight away, I can see how you could lose whole weekends like that!


Paint all over my clothes yesterday after a child brought me a picture that was still very wet!


Lots of lovely things from my class on Monday, they seemed to have missed me while I was off poorly!

And lastly…

On Sunday we’re heading off on a road trip up to Scotland for a ski mini break and I’m so excited! I’m so so ready for this half term holiday. Oh and its my Birthday while we’re away!

I hope you all have a good week. I’m linking up with the lovely Morgana at Coffee Work Sleep Repeat for this week’s #LittleLoves and am looking forward to reading about what everyone else has been loving this week too.

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11 thoughts on “Swan Lake, Back to Work and Gilmore Girls #LittleLoves

  1. So glad to hear you are feeling better. Swan Lake ballet sounds amazing glad you got to get out. Food looks delicious and I am the same about Gilmore Girls omg! I am loving them but don’t want to rush through them yet though because then it would be over. lol #littleloves

  2. I have family Manchester way, I grew up in Stockport! Swan lake is my ultimate favourite! Don’t be discouraged at dance class! I started late at 12, until 18, when a social life intervened, and after 13years, returned back at the age of 31! In a class full of bendy, svelte like teenagers! It’s so hard at first, but dance really is the language of the soul! And so it’s different for everybody! Embrace it and let it flow through! Love what you do ?

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