32 Week Pregnancy Update

Today I turned 32 weeks pregnant. Doesn’t that sound like a lot! Here is a little update on the past fortnight…


Baby is rapidly developing brain connections, including those that regulate hormone production. They are now around the size of a squash, weighing over 3.5 lbs and measuring around 42cm. Over the past fortnight baby has had hiccups a couple of times which is a strange feeling. They were faster than I thought and felt like a gentle pulsing feeling. Every time I’ve seen the midwife baby has been head down, what are the chances this will change when it when it actually matters though!


I’m super exhausted at the moment. Being back at work this week after 10 days off has been hard. I think maybe my body thought we were done at work, we’re not! At the weekend I started to get some pain at the front of my pelvis when walking and my back has been aching too.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that my hair seems to be getting greasier faster, gross! I did a poll on Instagram stories last week and around 80% of people said that the same happened to them in their third trimester too. I also have a nice collection of spots too, hooray!

Diet, Exercise and Weight Gain

I should probably just delete this section, lets move on…

Bump and Clothes

My bump is feeling huge, I definately can’t see my feet. I can’t bend down anymore, there just isn’t the room, so if I drop something I have to wait for ‘a friend who can bend’ to pick it up for me or just leave it where it is. Every time the baby moves my whole bump shifts and ripples, there are no small movements anymore!

My maternity jeans may have split on the inner thigh the other day… I should maybe have taken my stretch marks as a warning sign. I wasn’t going to bother buying any new ones with only a few weeks to go but then remembered that I’ll probably be wearing them for quite a while once baby is here too!

I’m on the look out for some maternity Christmas pyjamas (I know, priorities right!) so if anyone sees any please send me the link!

How I’m Feeling

This week is the first time I’ve felt a little nervous about giving birth. Until now I’ve felt pretty laid back about it, I mean, the baby has to come out somehow right! Looking at my growth chart in my maternity notes and seeing that baby’s estimated birth weight is over 9lbs didn’t help and it suddenly felt quite scary and real. I’m hoping to get back to my ‘everything will be fine and I’ll be in my own little hypno-birthing zone floating around in pool’ kind of mind-set again soon.

I’m also feeling a little anxious to get more things organised for baby. We have ordered some of the big items but if you saw my home renovation update you’ll know that the house is far from ready!

I’m feeling slightly less confident at reaching my planned finishing date of 22nd December when I’ll be 38+2 after asking on Instagram and so many people telling me they finished long before then. When did you start your maternity leave?


I saw the midwife on Monday and everything was good. My blood pressure and blood test results were all fine and my bump was measuring on track compared to last time. It was a different midwife to usual as mine was off poorly, so when I see my usual midwife again in 3 weeks I think it will be to discuss birth preferences and for her to book in a home visit (ha!).

They’re not exactly appointments, but as I mentioned in my last post that we were about to head to our first NCT class, I thought I’d just mention that they’re going well so far. Despite it being a rush to get home in time and the fact that they finish past my bedtime, we’re finding them useful and informative and are enjoying meeting other couples in the area too.

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Thanks for popping by,

Kimberley x

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6 thoughts on “32 Week Pregnancy Update

  1. Aww I miss my bump so much! We also loved our NCT classes – we went with our first daughter and are still really good friends with the couples we met 3 years on 🙂 #Bumps&Babies

  2. You’re on the homestretch now. Have you had a chance to get your Christmas shopping done? My daughter was born at Christmas-time last year and I didn’t dare go into a shop come 1 December when I just wanted to sit on the sofa and binge on boxsets. Goodluck for the birth!

  3. Lovely to read how you’re doing, I’m 31 weeks pregnant on Saturday so just a week and a few days behind you!

    I’ve not seen any decent Christmas maternity pjs at all, I think there’s a niche in the market missing there somewhere..

    Everything passed my knees doesn’t exist anymore, I can’t bend down to reach anything and putting my socks on is exhausting!

    Looking forward to reading more pregnancy updates #Bumps&Babies

  4. Oh you are at the end of this very very exciting bump watch journey. So exciting. I can’t wait to see your little bundle of joy. You look amazing and lovely bump. Love the pumpkin snap too! Thank you ever so much for joining and I can’t wait to read all about baby milestones and favorite baby products too! 😉 #bumpsbabies

  5. Love the pumpkin shot! I was exhausted when I went on maternity leave with my first baby at 36 weeks, this time around I plan to go at 32 weeks. Hopefully you make it to 38! #bumpsbabies

  6. I’m 31 weeks today, and I literally nodded along to SO much of this! Bending is just impossible at this stage isn’t it? There’s no maternity leave for me this time around, but I finished around 35 weeks with both of my previous babies. Everyone is different though, so I’d just see how you go xx

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