36 Week Pregnancy Update

 Today I turned 36 weeks pregnant. 4 weeks to go… or just 1 week until full term!


Well apparently baby is now the size of a Chihuahua! Weighing around 5.5-6lbs and measuring roughly 48cm.  All major systems are pretty much fully developed apart from the digestive system, which will finish forming once they start eating after birth.  All baby needs to do now is keep piling on the pounds (although not toooo many please!).


I’m still pretty tired which I guess can be expected, and which is why I haven’t written any posts since my last update! I’m waking up most nights with heartburn but its not particularly painful, just annoying. Still achy, particularly in my pelvis, and the waddling has taken on a whole new level this week since I have an infected foot. It started with an infected toe nail which I didn’t notice until the infection had spread half way up my foot. I’m on antibiotics and there is a line drawn around the swelling to monitor in case the infection spreads any further. As if pregnancy wasn’t glamorous enough eh?

Bump and Clothes

I ordered the bargain bodycon dress from Boohoo that I mentioned last time in a couple of other colours to last me a week at work, so now I’m comfortable in leggings all week hooray.

How I’m Feeling

Very loved after a surprise baby shower thrown by my sister this weekend! I thought we were spending the day shopping together, then she said she’d booked a table for lunch and when we arrived lots of friends and family were waiting. I cried! It was such a lovely afternoon of pizza, cake and some of my favourite ladies.

On Sunday I sorted through all of the baby’s things, including the gifts we got from the shower, and started washing those teeny tiny baby grows. I also made a start on the hospital bags so am feeling a little more prepared too.


I had a midwife appointment last Monday which was pretty routine, and tomorrow she’s coming to look at the house, which in its current state makes me feel quite nervous!

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Thanks for popping by,

Kimberley x

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2 thoughts on “36 Week Pregnancy Update

  1. Oh baby showers are so fun and that’s so sweet that they threw you a surprise one. I love it. Sounds like you had a special time. It’s getting close I had MM at 36 weeks so could be any day now lady. I will be watching with anticipation. Thank you SO MUCH for joining BUMPS & BABIES once again. I look forward to all the birth and baby milestones to come ahead. #bumpsbabies

  2. Not long to go now! How lovely of your sister to have arranged a surprise baby shower, I loved my baby shower, they’re so much fun! Sounds like you had a great time and baby was showered with lots of lovely gifts #bumpsbabies

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