38 Week Pregnancy Update

 Today I turned 38 weeks pregnant. I’ve been full term for a week and now there are only 2 weeks left to go (or I guess up to 4 if baby is late, like I am for everything!).


Well apparently baby is now the size of a Pomeranian or a marrow! Although all weight estimates are rather vague now as babies can range in size hugely at birth. As baby is full term there isn’t any development left to go, it’s just a waiting game now! Baby is head down and engaged, and will hopefully stay that way!


I’ve started feeling a little sick again in the mornings but nothing too bad. Heartburn is also there at night, although I’m never sure if it’s that or needing a wee that wakes me up!

Bump and Clothes

My maternity Christmas Jumper is getting a lot of wear!


I think I’m looking at a total gain of 3 stone…

How I’m Feeling

Oh so ready to finish work on Friday! The focus seems to have been on counting down to the Christmas holidays like everyone else, it hasn’t really sunk in that I’ll then be on maternity leave and having a baby!At the start of the week I felt quite full of energy, and better than I did last week but by yesterday afternoon I felt totally wiped out and this morning I’ve woken up full of cold. Ive been feeling pretty happy and content though which is nice.


My midwife came to the house last week which was fine and on Monday I had my 38 week appointment. All the routine checks were fine and she confirmed that baby’s head was engaged. I’m seeing her again s week today (if baby hadn’t made an appearance of course!).

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Thanks for popping by,

Kimberley x

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2 thoughts on “38 Week Pregnancy Update

  1. Not long now Kimberley! So excited for you – well, for you all really because I know Zöe is going to be super, super excited! ??? And as for Harriet……….! ?x

  2. Oh you look absolutely amazing I am so so excited for you too. I had MM a month early but B two weeks late so I often wonder where this one will fall. Possibly on his due date? Hahahaha Good luck could be anyday now lovely. Thanks SO much for sharing on Bumps and Babies. I added a giveaway to this week’s linky today and hoping to have a baby or pregnancy giveaway every week from here on out to Win. #bumpsbabies

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