Body Confidence in Pregnancy

This post will read very differently to if I’d actually got around to writing about body confidence in the second trimester like I’d originally planned. The second trimester suited me. I felt like I looked well and healthy and my bump was big enough for me to look pregnant and not just a bit fat!

My tummy has always been my problem area really and where I carry most of my weight. So it being big for a good reason suited me perfectly and I loved that it was firm and round too.

Nothing has changed there. I am still absolutely in love with my bump and I know I’ll miss it when it’s gone. I love not having to suck my tummy in all the time and I intentionally wear tight-fitting tops to show it off. I’m proud of my bump and confident to show it off. And it blows my mind that there is a real life human growing in there and I could watch my bump wriggle and shift all day.

It’s the rest of me I’m not so keen on at the moment. My expanding thighs and the bottom that seems to be trying to out-do my bump! My arms have got more wobbly and the worst thing of all is my face. Argh my face. It’s become so round lately and the sight of it first thing in the morning before I put on any make up is truly terrifying. The hormonal spots don’t help. And you can’t dress to hide your face can you, like you can any other part of your body, can you?

I know it’s all part and parcel of pregnancy but I also know that I’ve been less sensible in my food choices lately and that makes me annoyed with myself too. I’ve said yes to a few too many cakes or chocolates and am looking really unhealthy.

I don’t want to hate the first photos of me and this baby and I don’t want to have to work super hard for months on end to lose all of the weight. It’s obviously not healthy to be eating lots of rubbish either.

So I have a love hate relationship with this pregnant body of mine. Actually, hate is too strong a word, it is growing another human after all. Maybe a few weeks of saying no to cake and drinking some more water will shrink my face and help me to become a lovely glowing pregnant lady?!? Or maybe at 33 weeks I’m just too pregnant to look like anything other than a whale haha.

Thanks for popping by,

Kimberley x

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6 thoughts on “Body Confidence in Pregnancy

  1. Oh, you look wonderful to me! I completely understand the love-hate relationship with your pregnancy body though. I loved my bump, although it was enormous by the end, but it was the face I struggled with the most too – I have puffy cheeks as it is, but pregnancy made them so chubby! I also put on far more weight in the bottom area second time around, and it’s taking a long time to shift. You look so happy in all your photos though, a smile counts for a lot I think! Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  2. I think you’ve got a wonderful shape. I totally get the love-hate relationship though. I’m comfortable to show off my bump under maternity clothing but not really one to share bump shots as it’s not a perfectly round bump like yours. I should be proud of it as it’s my little baby in there but I think I just look fat! Lovely photographs xx #Bumps&Babies

  3. You look gorgeous with a bump! I must say that I look back at photos from my first pregnancy and think my face looks huge, thankfully as soon as I gave birth it went down! #bumpbabies

  4. Oh this is great and you look amazing. It’s a mixture of emotions watching our bodies contort to all sorts of shapes and sizes and some stretchmarks too but it’s also growing a human as you said which is a miracle we can do so. Always amazes me. I can relate here my bump this time (3rd time) is way bigger faster and I am worried it will continue to grow rapidly whereas I wasn’t really showing at 14 weeks with my first two. It’s crazy how different each one is. Thank you ever so much for joining in and hope to see you again next week. I look forward to following your baby journey too. #bumpsbabies

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