What’s in my Hospital Bag

So the bags are packed! I’ve packed a bag for me and a bag for baby as well as a bag of extras for in the car. My student-midwife sister suggested that as a tip to stop you overpacking and having to carry too much stuff around the hospital with you.

These are the things I’ve packed in my bag, I’ll be writing a separate post for the things I’m packing for baby.


  • Oversized nightie – either for giving birth in or afterwards. I got a cheap one from Primark that has buttons down the front which will make it great for skin to skin and breast feeding. I chose a dark colour so stains won’t show up as badly!
  • Nursing pjs – they’re also maternity ones so will fit comfortably too with a high waist in case I should have to have a c-section. Dark colour again!
  • Nursing bras – a normal day time one and a night time one too. Mine are from JoJo Maman Bebe because I heard good things about them
  • Comfy coming home clothes – I’m going to pack my maternity tracksuit bottoms (I’m still wearing them regularly!) a vest top and jumper. I’m assuming it will be cold! I’ll probably go into the hospital in maternity leggings so they might also be clean enough to be another option for coming home in
  • Huge pants – XL from in Prinark and in black. I’ll probably throw them away afterwards! I’m packing 3 pairs as well as some disposables (see below)
  • Bikini – random one I know but I’d LOVE to use the pool. I’m trying not to get my heart set on it too much because there is only one but I’m choosing to be prepared just in case
  • Slippers – I don’t want to be walking barefoot on hospital floors!
  • Big socks – in case of cold feet
  • Dressing gown – I haven’t actually packed one yet because I plan to buy a thinner and bigger one rather than bringing the one I usually use at home


  • Dry shampoo, shampoo and conditioner – I’ll probably only use the dry shampoo if anything but I’ve packed miniatures just in case I stay longer or really want to wash my hair
  • Shower gel and body lotion – miniatures again
  • Unscented deodorant – as strong smells can apparently interfere with breastfeeding
  • Maternity towels – I’ve packed 10 with 10 more in the spares bag
  • Disposable pants – for straight away for ease
  • Breast pads – only a couple of pairs as I know your milk doesn’t usually come in straight away
  • Face wash and make up remover – I won’t put make up on just for labour but might already be wearing some
  • Make up – in case I feel the need to look more human after birth. I’ve kept old bits of make up that are nearly run out so I can pack them in advance
  • Cotton wool and wet wipes – for removing make up and freshening up
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste – new so I can pack in advance
  • Alcohol hand wash – I’m sure the hospital will have some but I wanted some handy to use whenever I wanted
  • Lip balm – I’ve been told gas and air can be very drying

Other Bits and Pieces

  • Towel and flannel – old ones I don’t mind getting ruined
  • Phone charger – I have a spare so I’ve packed it already
  • Hair brush and bobbles/clips
  • Notebook – you know, in case I want to write notes…
  • Essential oils – I was told that lavender and clary sage were good for labour, always worth a shot
  • Headphones – to listen to hypnobirthing tracks
  • Hospital notes – including my ‘birth preferences’
  • Battery operated fairy lights – for mood lighting

I’ll also put some extra clothes and maternity pads in the spares bag in the car in case of a longer stay. Although we only live 9 minutes from the hospital should Tom need to pop home for anything.

I’m leaving Tom in charge of drinks and snacks for us both…

Is there anything I’ve forgotten?!? Do you think I’ve packed enough/too much/ too little?

I’m linking up to Bump & Babies with Jenny from Let’s Talk Mommy.

Thanks for popping by,

Kimberley x

4 thoughts on “What’s in my Hospital Bag

  1. I think you got all the essentials you need. I had my daughter a month early and didn’t even have a bag ready hahaha only the car seat was out of the loft and ready. I think you covered it though. 🙂 So exciting. Thank you so much for joining in BUMPS & BABIES linky. And the support! #bumpsbabies

  2. I packed too much with my first and just the right amount for my second. I had to stay in the ward to be induced so ear plugs were a life saver.

    Not one for the hospital bag, but for when you come home – tea tree oil and lavender oil. Add a few drops to a small saucer of milk (stops it from floating on the water) and pour into your bath. It helps with healing/soothing your bits afterwards.

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