Our Wedding Day

Today is our first wedding anniversary, I can hardly believe we have been married for a whole year! I’ve been meaning to blog about our wedding day for such a long time now (well, pretty much a year!) but somehow have not found the time. I haven’t let myself read anyone else’s wedding posts either until I have my own memories down here. I hope I’ve remembered all of the key details and I guess if not I can pop back and edit this post as I think of more things to add…

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The run up to the big day was a bit of a blur of fudge making , preparing flowers and other last minute DIY bit and bobs. My sister Zöe came over to help with some last minute things and the day before the three of us headed over to the venue, in three separate cars jam packed full of stuff! My parents and my bridesmaid Sarah and her boyfriend Chris met us there to help with the preparations. Tom’s parents also came for a short while.

On the way over there was an incident in Tom’s car involving the cake and it arrived in a bit of a state. Normally this would have really thrown me but for some reason I was in a strange state of calm and it didn’t really phase me. I left Tom and our wedding planner from the venue Rowan to sort it out and got on with everything else. No one could believe how calm I was about the whole thing!


Dad and Zöe were on pom pom puffing duties, Chris threaded the bunting and Mum, Sarah and I did the table settings and flowers. I loved seeing my vision come together.  Slowly everyone started to leave and Tom and I had a last look round to make sure everything was right and a last run through of how things would go the next day. Then we headed over to the hotel where I was staying to meet both of our families for some dinner (later than we planned as everything took longer than we realised!). Dinner was strange as I hadn’t had any appetite for days leading up to the wedding so was really just forcing down some food because I felt I should. After dinner Tom left as he was spending the night at home.

The evening was time for bouquet making in the bridesmaids’ room, after they’d opened the gifts I’d hidden for them there. I made my own bouquet as well as one each for the two bridesmaids. No one dared help me for fear of doing something wrong so I ended up making them all myself while they watched and cheered me on! We washed our hair and applied lots of mousse as per the hairdressers instructions then the flowers were settled in the bath in my room before heading to bed.

Staying in a hotel room by myself has always been on my bucket list (strange I know) so I was quite excited for this. I didn’t sleep too badly considering and only woke up a few times, my wedding dress hanging on the four poster bed as a reminder of why I was there! We ordered room service (another from the bucket list!) for myself and the bridesmaids as I didn’t want to see any guests that morning. I managed to stay in bed until it arrived then the girls came through to eat with me. I could hardly manage a thing though!

I snuck through the corridors to the girls’ room for a shower, as we only had a bath, and when I got back to my room the photographer was waiting. She started taking some photos of my dress and shoes while I made the buttonholes for the men. The hairdresser was late and as there was nothing else for me to do before she got there I just kept making buttonholes! I also made some little posies for Tom’s nieces just to keep busy. Tom’s mum and one of his nieces Bea came up to see me and I handed over the flowers to them to distribute. Tom called his mum to say he was running a little late while she was still with me, although he hadn’t wanted me to know! Not even this phased me though, I was just so calm! The only thing that shook me at all was looking on Instagram and seeing the venue’s photo of the Coach House set up for the day, as this was how I found out that we weren’t able to get married outside (too windy) as I was a bit disappointed about this.

Eventually the hairdresser arrived (about an hour late) to do our hair and make up. This time passed pretty quickly and before I knew it was being laced into my dress (on my own with the photographer and hairdresser as mum and the bridesmaids disappeared to get ready!). I ended up ready and pretty much alone in my room and this is when the nerves started to kick in!

My Dad came up to see me and he welled up which made me have a little cry too. We had a photo together then sat around waiting for everyone else to be ready. We’d been warned not to be too early to the venue too! Our ceremony was not until 3 because we didn’t want a lot of waiting around for the guests during the day and it was also nice to not real rushed getting ready.

Finally it was time to set off. I felt pretty special walking through the hotel in my dress! Mum drove us to the venue so I arrived at our wedding stuffed in the back of a Qashqai between my bridesmaids! When we reached the venue, and pilled out of the car, I had to speak to the registrars and sign something. Then my mum had to go and take her seat and Rowan reminded us about how to walk down the isle!

Dad and I joked about getting a shot on the way as we had to pass the bar but in the end I got a sip of water as I was starting to feel really nervous! We lined up behind the curtain to wait. When our song started (Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud) I had a little wobble but managed to pull myself together and not break down in tears completely.  Sarah went first, then Zöe, then it was mine and Dad’s turn. I was gripping his arm so tightly! We had to walk out, turn, then pause while Rowan fluffed the train of my dress. I had a quick look around at all of our friends and family in one place.


Then we walked down the isle (I was so proud of my dad as this is literally his worst nightmare!). I remember seeing Tom at the end of the isle and thinking ‘Its Tom, its just my Tom’ and feeling so much less nervous, and managing not to cry (well not properly anyway).

 The registrar welcomed and thanked everyone then my friend Katie did the first reading. I handed by bouquet to Sarah so that I could turn and take Tom’s hands for the vows. We exchanged rings then our friend Charlie did a reading. Zöe cried her eyes out through the whole ceremony but I held it together. Then we sat and signed the register and sat for photos before walking back down the isle as husband and wife, to be greeted by Rowan with two glasses of champagne at the other end. We walked into the venue together to admire our handiwork and have a few seconds on our own before the guests filled through. Tom said he was not expecting my dress at all and that I looked beautiful.

Our guests came through and got a welcome drink and we stood talking to them all for quite a while before heading outside for photos. The guests all lined the exit to throw confetti and then we had the group photos (which were a bit of a pain to be honest but I wanted a good record of all of our guests). Then Tom and I headed off for some couple shots as well as a few more with our parents and bridesmaids.


Everyone was seated when we returned from the photos (apart from by Uncle Dave who was at the bar getting lots of drinks!) and we were announced into our wedding breakfast. I tried to soak in every second of sitting at the top table and watching all of our guests. We had an afternoon tea, as this is something Tom and I love to do, but we were both to nervous and excited to eat much.

The speeches were next, from Tom and his Best Man and after we just wandered round all of the tables chatting to our guests for a while. People were mingling and chatting and using the photo booth I’d put together. Tom’s neice Bea hardly left my side the whole day. She kept saying ‘this is my auntie Kim’ to everyone, which made me cry a little bit. It didn’t seem long before the evening guests were arriving.

We cut the cake next, which looked surprisingly good considering its disaster the day before (well it looked good from the front anyway!) then went straight over for the first dance. We had John Legend – All of Me as our first dance song. Slow dancing isn’t either of our strong points so it wasn’t long before we invited everyone to join is on the dance floor! Thankfully we’d told the bridesmaids to be ready to come and save us and my grandparents are always ready to dance! We had a dance with them which was a lovely moment.

The evening was the perfect combination of dancing, with each other and friends and family, taking photos in the photo booth and chatting to everyone. My parents has each requested a song and I managed to find them to dance to their chosen songs just in time. Most of our friends joined us on the dance floor for the last few songs and before we knew it it was all over. I really didn’t want to the day to end and was reluctant to leave when the taxis arrived!

When we got back to the hotel Tom realised he’d left his overnight back at the venue, so guess who had to go down to breakfast in their suit the next day! I was pretty much an emotional wreck the day after the wedding! I still didn’t really have an appetite at breakfast. Some family friends had to go to the venue to pick up their cars and came back with lots of our decorations. I felt a bit panicky that they’d have left something though and then got upset about that. So Tom went over to find the last few things. I divided up cake and flowers to the guests who were around at the hotel in the morning as we were heading off to honeymoon the next day and didn’t want anything to be wasted. I think I cried about that at some point too! I was just so emotional. I think it was a combination of being tired, sad it was all over and finally being able to relax after all the stress of doing some much preparation ourselves.

We drove home in our separate cards but I waited outside for Tom to carry me over the threshold! We found that one of our chickens had died while we were away, so of course I had another huge cry about that too! (We had a little funeral and I made her a posy of some left over flowers, as you do…). We spent some time opening our cards and presents and being totally overwhelmed by everyone’s kindness. We popped to Meadowhall for some dinner at Five Guys (still not hungry, so not like me!) before heading home to sort out the last few things ready for flying to California the next day!

Well I’m impressed if anyone has actually read this far! (I’d love to know if you did!). I know it was a bit long and rambly but I wanted to (finally) get my thoughts and memories down, more as a record for myself than anyone else.

Thanks for popping by,

Kimberley x

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